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Planning a trip? Frequent flyer and DermaEnergy founder Sean Abel shares the five things he won’t leave home without. #1 – ZIP LOCK BAGS My number one travel tip is to never pack your suitcase without a dozen zip lock bags! A neat freak’s best friend, these handy bags allow you to stay organised and tidy. Pack zip lock bags to: Safely transport any liquids, without the worry of arriving with a soaked suitcase! Store all your medicines together for easy access. Keep all your international currency, especially coins, together. #2 – EUCALYPTUS OIL Airplanes, taxis and airports are breeding grounds for germs. Team that with frosty air-conditioning and sudden extreme changes in climate, and a bug can put a...

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5 Common Acne Myths to clear up

We hear you: acne’s a real bitch. It can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, not to mention confusing and expensive to treat. But it needn’t be that way! To help you on your way to smooth, clear skin, we’ve decided to debunk five common acne myths. How many of these sound familiar? #1 – You need to wash your face with a drying soap (or a harsh wash) No! Regular and gentle cleansing is essential to remove the oils and dirt than can contribute to breakouts. However, over cleansing will have the opposite effect, stripping the skin of essential hydration and causing it to compensate by producing even MORE oil. So cool it on the obsessive cleansing, use a foaming cleanser...

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